Chiavalon – Ex Albis 0,5L


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The Ex Albis oil was named after the Roman name for oil derived from olives of the first category. Ex Albis is a blend of different varieties: Vodnjan Buža, Crnica, Istrian Bjelica, Rošinjola and Moraiola. It is characterized by an intense scent of wild chicory, artichokes and freshly mown grass, it is well-balanced, but very spicy and bitter. It is recommended for all dishes because of its complexity in taste and aroma that fits perfectly with all dishes.



These premium olive oils are the product of the brothers Chiavalon, who have been in their Vodnjan olive grove since their childhood. They specialize in making perfectly balanced blends and have turned to organic farming. Although they were taught olive growing by their grandfather, when they took over the olive grove, they decided to take a turn in olive growing and oil production. The result are high-quality olive oils, known from Hong Kong to New York, witnessed by numerous awards.

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