The old Istrian variety, Crnica, is found only in northern Istria, around Umag, Buje, Novigrad, and Brtonigla, as well as throughout Buzeština. The tree is lush and thrives even on difficult terrains where other varieties struggle, making it potentially interesting as a rootstock for grafting other varieties for cultivation in such areas. 

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Its canopy is dense, the leaves are large, and the branches are long and thin, while the fruits are medium to large and carried on long stalks. It is an early variety, blossoms early, and should be harvested in October. 

Among the other northern Istrian varieties, Crnica tolerates low temperatures the best. It is partially self-fertile and requires a pollinator. It has a relatively low oil yield, but this depends on the location it grows; in protected and warmer areas, the yield is higher. 

Crnica produces high-quality oil, and the fruit’s skin changes from pink to dark red to extremely black when ripe. The oil is dark and dense, thus earning its name “black.”

Crnica oil is both pungent and harmonious, with a fruity aroma and a sweet taste of olives, almonds, and apples, along with moderate bitterness and mild spiciness. This well-balanced oil is an excellent seasoning for grilled blue and white fish, octopus and seafood salads, legumes such as beans, and chickpeas.


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Croatian olive oils can be of very high quality, and the country has gained recognition for producing premium olive oils in recent years. It is important to note that the quality of olive oil can vary among producers and regions within Croatia. To ensure you’re getting a high-quality Croatian olive oil, look for reputable producers, pay attention to labels and certifications, and consider tasting the oil to assess its flavor and aroma.

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Crnica olive oil is produced from the Crnica variety of olives, which are primarily grown in the coastal regions of Croatia, especially in Istria and Dalmatia. The production process is the same like other extra vigin olive oils.

Category: Crnica

The name “Crnica” for the olive variety and, by extension, for Crnica olive oil, originates from the Croatian word “crna,” which means “black” in English. It likely refers to the dark color of the olives when they are ripe. Crnica olives are known for their dark purplish-black appearance when fully mature, and this characteristic likely inspired the name “Crnica” for both the olive variety and the olive oil produced from it.