Meloto, an olive oil producer based in the picturesque town of Vodnjan in Istria, represents true dedication to tradition, quality, and a passion for olives.

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This story begins in the Belci family’s olive groves, which have been passed down through generations, and the oil is named after the father’s mother, Marussa, known as Melota.

The Istrian landscape and Mediterranean climate create ideal conditions for olive cultivation, making Meloto oil unique. With love for their region, Meloto carefully nurtures olives from harvest to production, ensuring that every drop of oil reflects the exceptional taste and aroma of Istrian olives.

They are particularly committed to indigenous varieties, such as Buža, Istrian Bjelica, Rosulja, and especially the rediscovered Žižolera. Žižolera oil is characterized by the aroma of grass and leaves, intense fruity character, and a bitter taste with pronounced pungency.

With Meloto olive oil, every drop tells a story of tradition, taste, and a passion for the finest olive oil that Istria can offer. This is evident through many local and international awards and accolades from important competitions and exhibitions.


Category: Meloto

Yes, Meloto olive oil has won several awards.

Category: Meloto

Meloto specializes in producing monovarietal olive oils from three renowned Istrian olive varieties: Buža, Žižolera, and Rošinjola.

Category: Meloto

The Meloto olive oil brand originates from the Istria region of Croatia, specifically from the small town of Vodnjan.