We present to you istrian olive growers

Creating top-quality extra virgin olive oil is no easy task. Besides facing numerous challenges in the agronomic sense, olive oil producers must know the right time to harvest, how to properly process the olives, and then take care of various aspects to ensure the oil is correctly stored and preserved.

Extra virgin olive oil boosts longevity

I wrote about the many benefits of extra virgin olive oil, but I would like to point out the often neglected benefits of EVOO. For example, it slows down the aging process in numerous ways.

How to recognise quality extra virgin olive oil?

Danas se u gotovo svakoj trgovini može naći velika ponuda raznih ekstra djevičanskih maslinovih ulja. Nažalost, većina od njih nema pozitivnog utjecaja na naše zdravlje. Da bi ekstra djevičansko maslinovo ulje bilo kvalitetno, mora imati

Scientifically proven effects of extra virgin olive oil

It has been repeatedly proven that extra virgin olive oil has an effect on prevention of cardiovascular diseases. With the rise in demand, it has become increasingly popular to write and talk about its health benefits.

Olive oil at the centre of the Mediterranean diet

With the development of chemistry and the understanding of chemical processes in the human body, a new science was born - nutrition. Thanks to the science of nutrition, today we know how diet affects our health.

The Mediterranean diet or how healthy food research started

Back in the 60s, the fast food industry flourished in the United States, small restaurants opened at every turn, offering delicious hamburgers, fried potatoes... The whole nation went "crazy" for this new trend in the food industry.