The Museum part of the House of Istrian Olive Oil tells the story of olive growing in Istria through history.

The first bloom in olive growing in Istria happened during the Roman times. The Romans valued Istrian olive oil as one of the best in the Roman Empire, as we have it documented in the works of Roman writers. Finds of Roman amphorae tell us about the export of Istrian olive oil throughout Europe.

Olive growing in Istria reflects the tumultuous medieval events such as wars, plague epidemic and population decline. However, olive oil remained an important source of income for the local people. Find out how the Venetians controlled the trade of olive oil during the Venetian rule in Istria, how in the 18th century an Istrian priest invented machines for olive processing and how the Institute for Agronomy and Tourism in Poreč was formed.

A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to olive growing in the present days. Find out where olive trees are planted, what the Olive Oil Roads are, how olive oil influences our health and why was the Mediterranean diet included in the UNESCO list of immaterial heritage. Learn about the chemical and sensory analysis that every oil needs to go through and how experts taste olive oil.

Have a look at two short videos that show the traditional and the contemporary way of olive oil production in Istria.

Step into the world of olive oil!


Visit to the museum + audio guide on 12 languages

Price: Adults 50 kn / 6.64 €
Children (6-15 years) 25 kn / 3.32 €


Museum + Guided tasting
(education & basic olive oil tasting)

Expected duration: 50 min

Price: Adults 90 kn / 11.95 €
Children (6-15 years) 45 kn / 5.97 €
Green family (2 adults + kids): 225 kn / 29.86 €


Museum + Guided tasting
+ Additional tasting of 5 top olive oils
+ Surprise dessert

Expected duration: 60-70 min

Price: Adults 130 kn / 17.25 €
Children (6-15) 65 kn / 8.63 €
Gold family (2 adults + kids): 325 kn / 43.13 €