NEW YORK OLIVE OIL COMPETITION 2018: Once again a great performance for Istrian olive oils at the NYIOOC 2018!





The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition is the largest olive oil quality contest and its annual listing of award winners is widely considered the most trusted guide to the year’s best extra virgin olive oils.

NYIOOC organizers closed registration in early March after an unprecedented 1,000 entries from 27 countries were registered. Olive oils were evaluated by a panel of 18 expert judges from 13 countries. The representative from Croatia/Istria was Dr Karolina Brkić Bubola. Prizes were awarded for Best in Class, Gold and Silver according to the category Delicate, Medium, Robust, for blends and monovarietal extra virgin olive oils.

The results of the world’s largest olive oil competition for the region Istria were great! 23 olive oils were awarded and most of them you can find in the House of Istrian Olive oil shop!

Bembo Buža Best In Class Medium; De Kleva blend Best In Class Medium, Vergal Frantoio Gold Medium; Salvela Buža Gold Medium; Vošten Buža Gold Medium; Brist Exclusive blend Gold Medium; Perdisacca Rošinjola Gold Medium; Terra Rossa Bellani blend Gold Robust; Negri blend Gold Robust; Dolija Istarska bjelica Silver Delicate; Chiavalon Ex Albis Silver Medium; Oleum Viride Belić Buža Silver Delicate; Nonno Bruno Rosinjola Silver Medium; Kozlović Leccino Gold Robust; Stancija San Lorenzo del Pasenatico, Gold Medium; Oliva Lucia blend, Gold, Medium; Monte Rosso blend Gold Medium; Ritossa Extra Istarska bjelica/Buža Gold Medium; San Antonio Buža/Karbonaca Gold Medium, Valencano Leccino Gold Robust; Korta Gira blend Silver Medium


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