Included in every visit to the House of Istrian Olive Oil are oil tastings led by a trained person. You will learn how to properly taste an olive oil, which particular aromas and tastes to look for, how to recognize a top quality extra virgin olive oil and differentiate it from industrially produced oils. You will have the opportunity to test and taste oils from a number of top Istrian producers and try a selection of varietal oils of different taste and aroma.

Selected for you to try are olive oil brands from all over Istria: Oio Vivo, Brist, Cadenela, Chiavalon, Meloto, Olea Prima, Salvela, Cornia Losa – Vodnjan and the surrounding area, Terra Rossa, Oleum Viride by the Belić family, Negri olive oil, Dolija – eastern Istria, Vošten, Oliveri, Ol Istria, Flego – Poreč and the surrounding area, Perdisacca and Bembo oils – Bale, Dobravac – Rovinj, Mate, Olive Charm and Vergal, Ipša and Zigante from the north of Istria, Balija – Fažana, Tanger, Traulin, Nonno Bruno – southern Istria.

Step into the world of olive oil!


Visit to the museum + audio guide on 12 languages

Price: Adults 50 kn / 6.64 €
Children (6-15 years) 25 kn / 3.32 €


Museum + Guided tasting
(education & basic olive oil tasting)

Expected duration: 50 min

Price: Adults 90 kn / 11.95 €
Children (6-15 years) 45 kn / 5.97 €
Green family (2 adults + kids): 225 kn / 29.86 €


Museum + Guided tasting
+ Additional tasting of 5 top olive oils
+ Surprise dessert

Expected duration: 60-70 min

Price: Adults 130 kn / 17.25 €
Children (6-15) 65 kn / 8.63 €
Gold family (2 adults + kids): 325 kn / 43.13 €