Scientifically proven effect of extra virgin olive oil

Iva Marasović,

It has been proven that extra virgin olive oil is active in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (link to previous article). With the growing popularity of olive oil, it has become increasingly popular to write about its health benefits. However, in the bulk of various data, it is difficult to find what to believe. That is why we bring here the most significant and scientifically proven effects of extra virgin olive oil on human health.


Extra virgin olive oil has a distinct nutritional composition, and the most significant are polyphenols which, not only protect the cardiovascular system, but are also anti-inflammatory. The analgesic effect of polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil can be compared to the effect of Ibuprofen.


Speaking of polyphenols, it is important to point out that it is proven that they are just helping to reduce the risk of breast, skin, colon, prostate tumours… This important role of extra virgin olive oil is due to the balanced action of fatty acids (especially monounsaturated) and antioxidants that combined help get the toxins out of the body.


It has been shown that extra virgin olive oil consumed within the Mediterranean diet, reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Recent research has shown that the obesity rate in the Mediterranean countries (the highest extra virgin olive oil consumption in the world) is below 10%. Extra virgin olive oil improves digestion and metabolism in general, and it is noticed that the stomach bears extra virgin olive oil best of all edible fat as it prevents the penetration of sour content from the stomach into the oesophagus, thus preventing heartburn and inflammation of the oesophagus.

Due to its unique chemical composition, olive oil does not cease to be in the centre of numerous researches. New findings are regularly published and confirm old claims about the benefits of extra virgin olive oil to human health. Therefore, this oil is rightly also called gold, and for whatever reason you consume olive oil, this valuable food will surely enhance your diet.

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