Extra virgin olive oil extends your life

Iva Marasović, mag.ing.techn.aliment.

I have written about the many benefits of extra virgin olive oil (link to previous articles), but I would like to point out the often neglected benefits of extra virgin olive oil, for example, slowing down aging in many ways. On the shelves of pharmacies, but also in other stores we can find a variety of preparations and compounds that guarantee longevity, but you do not have to look any longer for all that you can find also in extra virgin olive oil.

One of the more common illnesses occurring due to aging is osteoporosis or bone weakness due to lack of nutrients (primarily minerals and vitamins). Extra virgin olive oil generally stimulates the absorption of nutrients, and thus calcium that helps with osteoporosis problems.

Namely, a natural antioxidant Oleocanthal has been found in extra virgin olive oil which helps prevent the accumulation of beta Amyloid that is believed to be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease affecting the population at an ever earlier age. Also, an ever more occurring disease is depression and it is proven that an increase of intake of unsaturated fatty acids helps prevent in spreading the disease. This study also included extra virgin olive oil which is abundant in unsaturated fatty acids and protects against depression.

Furthermore, in the human body over the years free radicals are formed that cause a series of reactions leading to accelerated aging of cells in the body, but also on the skin. In order to stop aging, it is necessary to increase the intake of antioxidants that react with free radicals and thus remove them from the body. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in these compounds, removing signs of aging from the body, and thanks to the high content of Tocopherols (precursor of vitamin E) it keeps the youthful appearance of the skin.


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