Perdisacca – Cuvee Buža + Rošinjola 0,5L


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The Buža and Rošinjola blend is, because of its harmony and uniformity, the right choice for salads, vegetables and pasta. It has a fresh scent, dominated by apples and olives, with an almond note. But it is still best paired with fresh and young cheeses, legume dishes, thick pumpkin or boletus soups.



The name Perdisacca comes from the Cergna family from the city of Bale. The whole story you can find on the specially designed bottles, which are also a blend of the modern and the traditional, which is also the motto of the family business – combining the family tradition with the production of premium award winning oils.

Perdisacca has won numerous awards: New York Olive Oil Competition, Olive Japan, and you can find this oil also on the pages of the Flos Olei olive oil guide.

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Weight 1.2 kg

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