Kabola – Amfora Teran


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Variety of grape: Teran  Harvest: 2016  Alcohol by volume: 13.00%  Type of glass: Riedel Vinum Bordeaux Gran Cru  Type of pairing: Veal and pork under the baking lid.

This wine displays a lovely, deep ruby red colour. It is clear and full-bodied. The bouquet opens with berry notes dominated by blueberry, followed by vanilla and dark chocolate, dust, cedar and leather. It is dry, partly warm and soft, while retaining a lovely freshness. The wine has lovely tannins, excellent minerality and a full body. It is balanced and intense in flavour with a long finish. It is refined and harmonious, with notes of prune in the aftertaste.



The story of winegrowing in the Markežić family dates all the way back to 1891, when it lay the first cornerstone with Momjan Muscat. Since then, hardworking and patient hands have been weaving the incredible tale of their wines, inspired by the desire to stand out by being genuine and unique. They managed to shape their own recognizable style through the Kabola brand. They returned to organic production in 2009 and all their products have a bio certificate. All their wines are produced exclusively from grapes coming from their sunny and airy vineyards.


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