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The aroma of this mono-variety oil is pronounced and pleasantly rounded, dominated by the aromas of artichoke, chicory and aromatic Mediterranean herbs. The taste is bitter, accompanied by a stronger spiciness. It is best suited for fish dishes with a more pronounced taste, such as tuna or octopus, and it also goes well with truffle dishes, and can be an addition to sweet desserts such as chocolate cake.

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The Ipša family began recreating their olive groves some 20 years ago with the clear goal of wanting to produce top quality olive oil. The effort paid off and in 2005 the Ipša oil was included in the Flos Olei guide as the first oil from Istria to ever be included in this prestigious guide. The olive groves are located in the north of Istria, where the climate can be unfavourable for olive cultivation, but the Ipša family planted their olive groves on slopes, sheltered from wind and fog, while being exposed to the sun.

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