Franković – Malvazija


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Malvazija Franković is a high quality wine, characterized by a golden – yellow color. The smell is very pleasant and seductively playful in the glass. First you can scent the smells of citrus, like orange peel, and then the notes of peach and pineapple are revealing, combined with a classic Malvazian scent that resembles acacia flower. This wine has a great balance and a very intense taste with a good durability in the mouth, which leads to a great ending with a peach after taste. The wine features a beautiful freshness. It will pair ideally with fish, seafood and pasta dishes.



The long wine tradition of the Franković family has remained constant for generations, with love for the vine and for wine production. Moreover, family Franković produces a high quality extra virgin olive oil. The location of the family Franković olive trees is consisted of terraces which resemble the amphitheater and that is the reason why the name is ‘Amfiterra’.


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