Franković Amfiterra – Istarska Bjelica 0,5L


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Varietal oil Istarska bjelica is characterized by pronounced spiciness and bitterness. This extra virgin olive oil of golden green color, with the scent of cut grass and green olive fruit is a synthesis of the taste of green almonds and wild asparagus and arugula. The potent fruity scent of green olive fruit and freshly cut grass, interwoven with notes of bitter almonds, wild asparagus, radicchio, rocket, green pepper and aromatic herbs marks a mostly intense bitterness that lasts a short time and piquancy that stays in the mouth for a long time.



The long wine tradition of the Franković family has remained constant for generations, with love for the vine and for wine production. Moreover, family Franković produces a high quality extra virgin olive oil. The location of the family Franković olive trees is consisted of terraces which resemble the amphitheater and that is the reason why the name is ‘Amfiterra’.


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