45 Degrees – Foot balm


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The completely natural Absolute Foot Balm contains organic olive pomace from premium Istrian ecological olive groves, rich with antioxidants and minerals. The flaxseed oil nourishes the skin, clary sage and mint essential oils have relaxing and refreshing properties. Horsetail, comfrey and rosemary extracts improve are refreshing and have a relaxing effect. The feet are deeply nourished, renewed and refreshed.



The company Helios Gea from Bale while creating a line of own organic cosmetics was inspired by the olive fruit, especially with the part that remains after processing, the so called pomace. In these products olive pomace is used that comes from ecological olive groves and from strictly controlled production processes. In this we help the olive oil producers to dispose their pomace that gives high-quality cosmetic products. By creating this natural organic skin care cosmetics, Helios Gea continued to promote ecological innovations and a healthy lifestyle.

The inspiration for the name “45 Degrees “ of this line of products comes from geography, i.e. the 45th parallel that passes through the Bale and represents the ideal place – half way between the equator and the North Pole.

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