Dolija – Leccino 0,5L


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Leccino is one of the most famous varieties in the world. Here in Istria it adapted perfectly to the Istrian climate. Olive oil produced from leccino variety has a fruity aroma, harmonious taste with mild bitterness and pungency.



The Olive grove owned by the Vareško family dates back to the 19th century and is located in the small village Veliki Vareški on the south-eastern coast of Istria. Although it is continuously cultivated through more than a century, new generations revived this olive grow with new plantations of olives. Therefore, todays olive grove is extending over 8 hectare of land and counts more than 2000 olive trees. In this olive grove you can find domestic varieties such as buža, istarska bjelica, karbonaca and rosinjola, as well as pendolino and leccino. By combining traditional and modern processes this rewarded olive oil of the brand Dolija is produced.

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