Fitoaroma – Daily skin cream – immortelle 50 ml


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This natural skin anti-age cream is effective against wrinkles and hyperpigmentation spots because it contains the extract of the Helichrysum italicum plant – immortelle in synergy with extract of ivy contributes to tan uniformity. This daily cream also contains immortelle, lavender, sage, juniper, fennel and other essential oils which will return vitality and rejuvenate your skin. The formula is enriched with plant oil containing a high level of polyphenols, vitamin E, vitamin K and fatty acids. After regularly using it, the skin becomes smoother and firm.

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Fitoaroma is a brand of fully natural cosmetic and aroma-therapeutic cosmetic preparation. In these products beauty, nature and knowledge are incorporated. Furthermore, this brand is based on facts known since ancient times that Mediterranean herbs have an aromatic and therapeutic beneficial influence on our body. Indigenous herbs from Istria are carefully chosen and cultivated under all principles of ecological (organic) production. The products have a certificated quality and are controlled each step of the production. Because of its nature, each essential oil, tincture or extract has small concentrations of allergens, therefore sensitive and allergic people should use it with caution and consult with a doctor and pharmacist prior to use.

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