Brist – Intenso 0,5L


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Intenso is made from intense flavoured olive varieties: istarska bjelica, frantoio, rožinjola, moraiolo, karbonaca. A robust and intense oil, with an aroma of wild herbs, intense fruitiness, balanced bitterness and pronounced spicyness. Ideally goes with strong flavours in dishes of grilled red meat, prosciutto, truffles, rocket salad, mature cheeses, and as a great finish on dark chocolate ice-cream and cakes.



The BRIST olive brand is a creation of Silvano and Ines Puhar and their family who share the vision of using traditional growing techniques dating from Roman times in combination with the most modern production methodologies to provide BRIST oils with an unrivalled quality, in what is already an unsurpassed region of Istria, for olive growing.

Olives at BRIST are grown specifically in the antique Roman Villae Rusticae olive groves overlooking the beautiful Brijuni archipelago. In doing so, they continue thousands of years of tradition. It is also their belief that in the modern era, the finest olives come from traditionally grown groves on smaller family owned agricultural land and the family is at the core of all they do.

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