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Puntoža is a sub-variety of the autochthonous variety buža, that has been named after the perforated end of the fruit that resembles a nipple (puntoža=nipple). From this variety oil is obtained that has the scent of the oil obtained from the buža variety, therefore it reminds of fresh olive fruit and freshly mown grass. The taste is less bitter and pungent.



The Lupić family farm from Bale started olive growing by the planting the first olives in the year 2000. The idea was to revive an old tradition, so they started with the restoration of old neglected olive groves. Since then, 11 hectares of land have been cleaned, of which 7 hectares of new olive groves have been planted or 1400 olive trees of the following autochthonous varieties: buža, puntoža, rožinjola, negrolina, from which high-quality oils are produced. The high-quality extra virgin olive oil has been acknowledged by numerous awards since the very beginning, so the Lupić family farm is included in the eno-gastro guide through Istria “ISTRA GOURMET”, as well as in the guide of the world´s best extra vergine olive oils “FLOS OLEI”.

Participation in competitions:
2015 – New York International Olive Oil Competition – silver medal
2015 – Olive Japan – silver medal

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