Oleum Viride – Ascolana tenera 0,5L


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The ascolana tenera oil by the Belić family is rich in scent, with an evenly distributed bitterness and pronounced pungency. It smells like fresh cut grass, tastes like medium-mature tomatoes, sage and oregano. It can be paired with fresh young cheese, bean soup, mushrooms and fish, steak tartar and cooked red meat.

2011 – Feinschmecker (Top 50)



The olive groves owned by Belić family are situated in the area of Fažana, Peroj and Galižana. In keeping with the strict agricultural and technological rules for growing, collecting and processing of olives, the Belić family produces premium quality olive oils in the form of the recognizable Oleum Viride brand. The exceptional dedication of this family is seen in as many as 12 mono-varietal olive oils, which is the largest selection of mono-varietal olive oils in one olive grower in Istria. The Oleum Viride extra virgin olive oil comes in sophisticated black bottles with an elegant label in various vertical colours. Each colour represents a different variety. In 2009 Oleum Viride received the Reddot Design Award for the design of the packaging. This olive oil is enjoyed in the Spanish court and in Rome by Pope Francis himself.

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