B10 – Leccino 0,5L


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Leccino is a very resistant variety that tolerates the most extreme conditions, from strong cold winds to great heat. Therefore, this variety is spread throughout Istria. Leccino oil can be categorised as mild, but this oil has a stronger flavour and taste, due to the climate and the nature of the region. In the scent aromatic herbs, especially rosemary and mint prevail while there is some bitterness and pungency in the taste, which is unexpected for this variety.



The extra virgin olive oil B10 comes from an olive grove from Grožnjan, an area near the town of Buje. It is extending over 6 hectares of land and counting 1.300 olive trees. This area is specific for its so called white soil full of stone to which the olive trees adapted well. In the olive grove owned by the Galić family, the following varieties can be found: istarska bjelica, karbonaca, leccino, frantoio, rosignola and ascolana. The olives are processed in the most contemporary oil mills in Istria.


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