Aura – Terranino


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This product is made of a range of differing tastes, with a special note given by the blend of red Teran wine, a delicious fruit brandy and 10 different spices. It can be magnificently combined with other beverages and makes a delicious cocktail. It is a darling of the female public because of the interesting aroma and small volume of alcohol – 15.9%.



The company “Aura proizvodi” produces exclusive but traditional products such as brandies, liquors and other authentic products made from wild herbs and fruit with therapeutic properties to human health. These plants are growing on the hills of the Ćićarija Mountains in an ecological and clean environment far away from roads and inhabited places. Everything started as business solely for the need of the family but it developed in a family business producing nowadays high-quality products without any additives or artificial ingredients.

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Weight 1.74 kg

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