Arman – Merlot Superior


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Franc Arman Merlot Superior is a dry red wine with an alcohol volume of 13.5%. Franc Arman Merlot Superior is a wine that matures partly in large oak barrels, partly in barrique barrels. It is distinguished by a characteristic dark red colour. This full, robust, yet smooth and tasty wine has the aroma of ripe cherries and raspberries, with chocolate and a spicy aftertaste. The discrete aromas of oak wood are gently interwoven with fruity aromas, which contribute to the superior experience of this wine.



Grape-growing and winemaking has long been the economic mainstay of generations of families in Istria. Traditionally passed down from father to son, vineyards were cultivated and worked by hand, often with little or no mechanisation, well into the mid-twentieth century. Established in 1850, the Franc Arman Vineyards and Winery, headed today by Franc and Oliver Arman, continues the family tradition, while taking the art and science of winemaking to new levels. The vineyards are set on 8 hectares on the rolling hills of western Istria. The grapes are the raw material for the wine production and the base for the creation of specific wine sorts. The excellence and innovation in the production process of their award-winning, distinctive wines is brought to fruition in the family’s new state-of-the-art wine cellar.

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